Catalogue of Services

Business and Strategic Infrastructure Development Programs


Area of expertise:

Business Development and Market Growth Services

  • go-to-market (GTM) product development services, strategic research and new market capture services
  •  account capture and management
  • sales channel identification, development and management services 
  • organizational data interoperability, knowledge insights and platform enhancement services
  • advisory services for investors to better understand and mitigate risk from local to global technology markets by conducting market research, due diligence and business model analysis services for private equity firms.

Cybersecurity Solutions


Area of expertise: 

Platform Overview.   

A 360 degree cybersecurity protection platform  Our solutions deliver unified identity access management (IAM) along with real-time proactive threat prevention  to protect your organization. Customers gain visibility to understand then easily manage and setup policies to auto-mitigate risk from cybersecurity data breaches to insider threats within your enterprise. 

  • unified identity management for intelligent enterprise wide information security management 
  • independent continuous monitoring of the IT network including connected supply chain partners. 
  • eliminate software supply chain attacks on your digital partners
  • data analytics for leaderships and key stakeholders on cybersecurity issues
  • cybersecurity governance ability

Hardware Engineering, Product Development and Strategic Supply Chain Management


Area of expertise: 

Hardware Engineering Services Suite 

  • process and design engineering (i.e. optical, machine vision, prototype)
  • concept to production 
  • OEM equipment implementation and partnerships 
  • statistical process controls
  • laser metrology equipment design
  • engineering team management

Supply Chain Management Services Suite

  • strategic global sourcing and planning 
  • logistics management 
  • commodity market and spend analytics 
  • supplier channel development and collaboration
  • inventory control and management
  • federal contract management